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Quiz: Are You a Good Public Speaker?

By: Matthew Strawbridge - Updated: 5 Aug 2022 | comments*Discuss
Quiz Questions Nerves Audience Public

Work through this quiz and note down your responses to the questions. At the end you'll have the chance to convert your answers into points to see how well you scored.

1. What Do You Do With Your Hands While Speaking in Public?

A. Keep them perfectly still

B. Fidget

C. Gesture enthusiastically

D. Gesture naturally

2. How Do You Feel About Smiling?

A. I only smile when I’m happy

B. I only smile when I’m relaxed

C. I can force a smile when I’m nervous and that helps me to relax

D. I am confident and relaxed in front of an audience and smiling comes naturally

3. How Do You Remember What to Say in a Presentation?

A. Prompt cards with the main points for each topic

B. Everything is scripted word for word

C. Presentation slides have all the relevant information on them

D. Just try to memorise it all

4. Can You Control Your Nerves?

A. I go to pieces in front of an audience

B. I am relaxed as long as I have prepared carefully

C. I thrive on the excitement of flying by the seat of my pants

D. I get stage fright, but I’m okay once I get into it

5. What is Your Presentation Style?

A. I read from my script and rarely make eye contact with the audience

B. I talk naturally about my subject and interact with the audience where appropriate

C. I deliver the presentation as I have practiced it, but can’t handle interruptions from the audience

D. The material speaks for itself

6. How Do You Look When You Are Presenting to an Audience?

A. I tend to shake or sweat

B. I look nervous and my voice doesn’t sound natural

C. Even if I’m a bit worried, I don’t tend to let this show

D. I look nervous at first, but become more confident once I’ve got going

7. How Do You Keep Your Audience’s Attention?

A. I interact with the audience and vary the pace of my presentation

B. My material is interesting enough to keep people's attention regardless of how I present it

C. I stop talking once I think people are getting bored

D. I use sound effects and lots of different fonts and colours in my presentation materials

8. How Do You Use Humour in Your Presentations?

A. There is a joke on every slide. I want my audience to enjoy themselves

B. There is no humour at all. I want people to take me seriously

C. I use humour periodically to keep my audience relaxed and involved

D. I always start with a joke to get people’s attention


Award yourself points as follows.

Q1 A 1, B 0, C 0, D 2

Q2 A 0, B 0, C 1, D 2

Q3 A 2, B 0, C 0, D 0

Q4 A 0, B 2, C 1, D 1

Q5 A 0, B 2, C 1, D 0

Q6 A 0, B 0, C 2, D 1

Q7 A 2, B 0, C 0, D 0

Q8 A 0, B 0, C 2, D 1


0–7 You are not a natural public speaker, but everyone can learn to be more confident at it with practice.

8–11 You are a capable public speaker, but there is still room to improve your technique.

12–16 Congratulations! You are a great public speaker.

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I've scored higher than I had expected coming in at 13 points. Been a while since Ive spoken publicly, not sure I would deliver like the score suggests!
Pilki - 5-Aug-22 @ 12:21 PM
I got 13 points, I may be good great public speaker but I still want to learn and understand more techniques in speaking skills.
hazard - 26-Aug-21 @ 9:13 AM
I've scored 11, i still need to learn more techniques.
Tsaki - 3-Jul-21 @ 11:19 AM
scored 11 points, a capable speaker but there is still lots of work to be done.
Rebecca - 20-Apr-21 @ 10:14 AM
I got 9 there's room for improvement,buh I don't think am bad at public speaking
Praise - 27-Mar-21 @ 7:03 PM
Igot 16 points, I may be good at public speaking
winnie - 17-Mar-21 @ 3:16 PM
It is a very good assignment. My score is 7
Santi - 17-Jan-21 @ 12:10 PM
Really very good assignment. I got 9 marks
Bhavik - 12-Jan-21 @ 2:29 PM
Thank you I have got 11 Points and I am working on my speaking techniques.
Anu - 21-Sep-20 @ 7:15 AM
I got 7 points.I am not a natural public speaker. And there is always chance to learn how to be and do it with more confidence.
Yvonne - 20-Aug-20 @ 12:07 PM
It makes me agood speaker because I use to speak public at church standing atthefront ofpeople .
Ashley - 17-Aug-20 @ 2:19 PM
I've got 13 but I would like to learn more.
Curly - 25-Jul-20 @ 7:25 PM
i am capable public speaker, but there is still room to improve my technique.
Pipa - 25-Jul-20 @ 7:05 PM
8, I am Capable but needs work on my technique
Dave - 16-Jul-20 @ 2:43 PM
I scored 14.....but will still have to work on my fears and practice more.
Patrick - 3-Jul-20 @ 11:34 PM
I had 14....I am and can be a great public speaker. But will have to practice more and overcome my fears.
Patrick - 3-Jul-20 @ 11:32 PM
I scored 10, I realized that even though I’m not good , I’m a capable public speaker
Nita - 21-Jun-20 @ 10:23 PM
Well, I have scored 10, and I cant complain since it truly reflects me. I get scared of public speaking most times but when i get started on it it flows and I enjoy. I know I can improve on my public speaking if only I can start believing more in myself. I teach Sunday school to help me over come this fear slowly slowly.
Joanne - 29-Apr-20 @ 7:45 PM
I scored 16, this means I am a good public speaker. I have received applauds by my colleagues on many occasions when I have presented. Presentations and public speaking comes to me naturally, and I have never had a stage fright all my life. I know there is more room for improvement and with practice i would improve. This quiz was very helping. Thank you.
Ambegrey - 27-Apr-20 @ 2:36 PM
I got 14 points however i answered based onpresentations done so far, there is always room to be best at it in the future
Stelzillion - 22-Apr-20 @ 12:45 AM
I got 8 points,either i am notgood oreither i am not so bad public speaker.I am improve my public speaking techniques soon.
SANA SHARIF - 3-Apr-20 @ 12:35 PM
I got 13 and then i got to know myself better and there is still lot to learn and improve.
raju - 29-Mar-20 @ 8:03 AM
I got 15 points I'll keep working hard to be a good speaker that captures and arrests her audience
Dollyp - 26-Mar-20 @ 4:49 PM
Thank you I got 11 points I started know about skills this help me to understand myself. I need more practice
Dharani - 13-Feb-20 @ 2:06 PM
I got 13 points in this test.. still I feel I have to improve myself more.
sreelu - 5-Feb-20 @ 9:56 AM
I can handle the group, but some times it is difficult to manage the questions
Anitha - 18-Jan-20 @ 12:00 PM
I got 6 points, I know always that am not a public speaker but i am very confident that i can work on my public speaking and i can get better at it with time.
Katusof - 13-Oct-19 @ 3:29 PM
I got 10 points I've realize that I can do it if I learn more about public speaking skills.
Silva slin - 30-Sep-19 @ 8:50 AM
I scored 12, I am still learning to be a better communicator.
Dare - 8-Aug-19 @ 6:57 PM
I got an 11 am capable but there still room to improve my technique
nyto - 3-Mar-19 @ 7:10 PM
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